Watch X-Men Film Series Online: Fox Is Little Hesitant Before The Future Of X-Men

The Hugh Jackman broke up the role of Wolverine after Logan (2017) could mark remarkable change of the blockbuster brand which helped Fox earn $4 billion.

The result that Fox won the X-Men in 2016 is relatively opposed. In February, Deadpool, though being labeled R (not for children under 17 years old) but at the end the studio earned more than $760 million globally. But, in the summer, X-Men: Apocalypse, directed by Bryan Singer is suffered many blames and only earned $544 million, means that is less Days of Future Past (2014) to more than $200 million.


What making Fox have a headache at the moment is expired contracts between the studio and stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy. In order that they continue to play their roles Mystique, Magneto and Professor X, Fox will have to spend large amount of money compared with the time of X-Men: First Class (2011).

In March 2017, Logan will be the film which marks the last time Hugh Jackman to play role Wolverine after 16 years attaching to X-Men. The first trailer of the film has the highest number of viewers in the history of the brand. Fans are expecting the new X-23 characters will succeed Wolverine in the future wars.


At the same time, another X-Men film project which is Gambit meets many obstacles. Doug Liman leaved the director position at the last minute and the film project of mutants with appearance of the star Channing Tatum is ultimately impossible to start to shoot this year as the original plan. Deadpool is so successful, but in the process of development Deadpool 2, between director Tim Miller and star Ryan Reynolds happened the disagreement.

Consequently, the filmmakers decided to withdraw from the director’s position and now Fox has yet announced a replacement, though some internal information shows that it is targeted for David Leitch – one of the two authors of John Wick (2014). However, Fox is still quite confident with Deadpool when they announced to plan for the third part, which is expected with the presence of mutant group X-Force.

Some of internal information sources is said that producer Simon Kinberg is ready to re-boot all the brand X-Men, in the case Fox and Lawrence, Fassbender and McAvoy do not reach a new contract agreement. However, the first priority is still to invite them to come back.

However, Bryan Singer, writer as well as director who attached to the X-Men since 2000, it seems to be no longer in brand development plan.


If Marvel Studios and DC attacked on television, the Fox is also conceived to do the same with The New Mutants – the series turn around a group of teenage mutants who possess special abilities. Director Josh Boone currently wants to start to shoot the film series in the spring season of 2017.

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