Warrior’s Gate – Film of gamer becomes heroic martial arts

Warrior’s Gate is a martial arts action movie tells the story of a gamer boy suddenly becomes a martial arts hero.

At the hands of the talented writer Luc Besson, new film Warrior’s Gate wowed the audience through the interference Asia – Europe unique. Dramatic storyline, intense, deep in action, humor mixed, built in the context of ancient Chinese epic..

From virtual gaming world to the real world of martial arts.

Living with single mothers are struggling to survive and often bullied in school, Jack Bronson always burying himself in the virtual world of video games as a way to escape reality. Therefore, in any freetime, Jack look to with the game on the computer, where he is transformed into a mysterious and talent character with the avatar is a black knight. One day, Zhang – antiques dealer that Jack often helps after school – had showed him a relic of his family heirloom: the ancient Chinese chest looks strange. Meanwhile, Jack does not know that the mysterious box that he was fascinated that the “Warrior’s Gate”, a secret passage will take you back to ancient China.


Which is a very cowardl boy, Jack was forced to face the fear has become inherent within himself to be able to become a talented fighter, save the princess and the whole country. He had to face, learn how to transfer those skills in the game into the real kungfu techniques. That was when he could return home to stand up to the difficulties of life in the modern world.

The film with the participation of the martial arts faces.

The first to mention the success of the movie Warrior’s Gate, we have to mention director Maththias Hoene. He excitedly shared about the project working with writer Luc Besson : “From an early age, I was passionate ninjutsu and judo. That is why I cherished wish is that one day will be directed a movie about martial arts .And I always felt that there is a certain filmmakers coming from Europe will join me in a movie like that. So, when Luc Besson send me Warrior’s Gate’s script, I immediately understood that the opportunity that i have waited for so long has finally comes. ”


Directer invited young actor Uriah Shelton, is best known as Joshua Matthews in “Girl Meets World”, to play Jack. With humor, modest, Jack as a role “tailored” for the young actor. Shelton further surprise is also studying martial arts since childhood and won Taekwondo Championship organized in California in 2006. The young actor said: “I have studied both Taekwondo, Muay Thai, MMA and Wushu. All this martial art has its own unique features of their own. Has served as a martial arts athletes during a long time but this is the first time I had the opportunity to show that ability in a movie. This is a great opportunity for me. ”

Actor Mark Chao who played Chao general. Director of Warrior’s Gate also feel very happy to have the opportunity to work with star of Taiwanese. He said: “Chao general is a powerful warrior and loyal, who has devoted his life to protect the future queen of China. He was a brave warrior, fighting for a noble purpose. Problem is his lack of humor and flexibility, and that’s what Jack would complement him. ”


Looking at the cast, perhaps the most impressive still is the name of the actor and former MMA athlete won the world champion 6 times – Dave Bautista. Dave Bautista’s name is no stranger to blockbusters like Guardians of the Galaxy, Spectre, Riddick and The Man With the Iron Fist. Perhaps no one fit the role of tyrant Arun in Warrior’s Gate than Dave Bautista. Describing his character, Bautista said: “Arun is a villain like any other villain, except that he is very funny. I think this is an interesting personality traits, and that’s what makes me feel excited about this character – a cruel villain but a sense of humor. ”

And the beautiful highlights of the film is princess played by actress Ni Ni – each made headlines a while to film in Feet of Time – assuming. She has successfully completed in the transformed into a beautiful princess. Director Hoene was not afraid to give Ni Ni compliment: “Beautiful and talent, I feel extremely satisfied to be working with her in this project.”

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