Underworld: Blood Wars – The Satisfying Techniques “Save” The Patchy Script

“Underworld: Blood Wars” satisfies the audiences with the choking fighting scenes between vampires and wolfmen but makes disappoited with the patchy script.

Launched in 2003, Underworld is one of the long-term action movies of Hollywood with 4 sections stretching 9 years. After 4 years of absence from the screen (since Underworld: Awakening 2012), the 5th section titled Underworld: Blood Wars will follow the never-ending war between 2 species: vampires and wolfmen.


The plot of the new movie is set after the events in the Underworld: Awakening. The beautiful vampire Selene (Kate Beckinsale) has to hide the trace of her daughter Eve because of the chasing of the enemy. Being tired of constantly running away, Selene and two close allies determine to end the war between vampires and wolfmen. Meanwhile, the two evil – Semira (vampire) and Marius (the leader of the wolfmen) desire to gain the control of the blood of Selene to achieve ultimate power.

Every creature in the film has their own strengths and weaknesses. While Selene and her fellow are clever and  conscious, wolfmen are furious and violent. These features make a difference in combat tactics between 2 species, creating choking as well as oppressive atmosphere in the story.  


This action film is directed by Anna Foerster – a female. This brings some bright accents for the film. Anna Foerster has made graphics for many blockbuster film. So, the cinematic techniques of the film is quite good. The close up and panoramic angles are sorted logically. The background of North Europe lair on the white snow and the sky full of auroras is incredibly wonderful.

The director Anna Foerstar also makes her work more humanitarian when focusing on the motherhood. Selene is no longer a cold-blooded vampire. She strongly shows her emotions with the daughter Eve. The affection between David and his mother – the person David has never met before is also a key highlight in the film.


Similar to the previous sections, Selene still keeps the style of showing many uninterrupted eye – catching fighting scenes. In particular, the appearance of Northern Europe vampire called Lena (Clementine Nicholson) with the ability to glide as fast as a shadow creates the new feature when the former fighting style gradually became boring.

Most of the main content of the Underworld film series ended after the third section – Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. Therefore, from Underworld: Awakening, the plot of this film series followed in a totally new direction. It seemed that the film-makers tried to connect the sections by many patchy details. Although David’s identity is surprising, it is still quite unreasonable to the loyal fans and rather confusing to the new viewers.


The plot of the fifth section is no more prominent than the previous sections. The latest work of Kate Beckinsale still contains interwoven plot, thwarted love affairs but a little strained and predictable. Selene is no longer as strong as before. From a character with an independent personality, she is so haunted because of the disappearance of the lover Michael that she take a risk regardless of everything. It easily makes the audiences disappointed.

The two villains Tobias Menzies and Lara Pulver fails to make the necessary threat. The plan of them are somewhat naive and has no consistency in action. The actor Theo James is still difficult to get out of the shadow of the man named Four in Divergent film series. The relationship between his character and the main actress Kate Beckinsale is quite blurred.

In spite of being imperfect, Underworld: Blood Wars is still pretty good entertaining film to enjoy after hard – working hours.

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