The career path of the Rock – muscle versatile actor has highest earning in Hollywood

The Rock – Dwayne Johnson has entered the list of top earning actors in Hollywood in the past year thanks to the hard work trying to join a lot of movies of all genres.

As one of the largest projects of the year, the 56th animated film by Disney – Moana promises to bring to the audience a new wind to create interesting characters inspired by the Polynesian culture and impressive songs. Besides, in addition to the emergence of a new talent to be discovered – 16-year-old girl Auli’i Cravalho, the film also starring action star “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson.

Born is a famous wrestler, but in 1999, Dwayne Johnson abruptly retired from professional competition to enter more promising path: acting. Three years later in 2001, as the villain “King Scorpio” in the blockbuster action – adventure The Mummy Returns made him the favorite actor worldwide.

King Scorpions – debut acting Dwayne Johnson

With tall physique, muscular, Dwayne seemed to be framed in the role muscle man, the films are required to show the power of form and movement as Fast and Furious 7, San Andreas, GI Joe, … But no, Dwayne Johnson, also known as an actor with diverse acting. He especially has an affinity with the comedy, may include gay role in Be Cool (2005), Tooth Fairy in (2010) …. Or most recently skilly spies but bizarre character in the film Central Intelligence has launched in the summer of this year.

The Rock transformed in
The Rock transformed in “Tooth Fairy in (2010)
The role in Central Intelligence humor this summer

Journey to the Moana, “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson is right perfect choice to voice the role of Maui. Asia was a god with fun personalities and special appeal, Maui own a magic hook guy can help transform into any animal yet, as well as improve the island outcrops from country. Maui sun keeps human back to the days are longer and the wind called on to serve the interests of the people on the island.

Dwayne Johnson can say the same Maui “outside-in”. Not only a healthy body, tanned skin covered with tattoos, both also very dynamic and offers many interesting wedding colon for those around them. Clements said the director’s choice of crew: “Maui is a character with a great attraction for the people around, and the same is true with Dwayne. He possesses the innate sense of humor, love of action and is a very likeable person. Dwayne and even can sing, too. ”

The Rock, perfect choice for the character Maui
The Rock, perfect choice for the character Maui

For his part, Johnson also was very excited about the role. The actor said: “Childhood of all of us associated with the story of the god Maui Asia. Stories of this god had made us fascinated. So, this is my chance to become a part of something that belongs to the cultural treasure – history. ”

Recently, manufacturers have launched a special clip Maui introduced characters and actors Dwayne Johnson. Through this clip, Dwayne revealed a “shocking secrets”: Maui has a distinctive tattoo on his chest, this is not the shape of “I like to draw on only his” Asian Spirit which is the tiny version known movements , dancing and also the personality of the “big Maui”. The clip also sketched a funny situation when actor Dwayne imagine what will happen when he has a “tiny Dwayne” talkative and always push yourself to do things.

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