The 5 Most Prominent Characters In The Underworld: Blood Wars movie

The never-ending war between wolfman and vampire will continue to be reappeared in the 5th section Underworld with the convergence of many prominent face in the Hollywood movie industry.
On the occasion of the Underworld: Blood Wars coming out, let’s take a look at the most prominent characters in this section!

  1. Selene

The vampire Selene is the main actress of the film series Underworld from the first section in 2003 (excluding the 3rd section Underworld: Rise of the Lycans). Just being a normal vampire stuck in a war between two races, she gradually realized the nature of war and chose her own way. Selene received the blood of Alexander Corvinus – the  father of both wolfman and vampire. So she became more powerful. In the upcoming section, Selene will again be empowered because of facing so many new enemies.


Abilities: Walking under the sun inspite of being vampire, skillful fighting experience, faster and stronger than the other vampires thanks to bloodstream of Alexander Corvinus.
Ambitions: Protecting the safety of her daughter Eve, ending the fight between Wolfman and Vampire.

  1. David

David appeared from the 4th section titled Underworld: Awakening. He was the son of Thomas – one of the older vampires in the council. Contrary to his father, David was not afraid of confronting with the enemy. He was seriously injured while fighting with the wolfman and was rescued with Selene’s blood. Since that, David became Selena’s ally. This handsome vampire will become the main actor  beside Selene.


Abilities: Having the power of hybrid thanks to the blood of Selene, leadership and strong fighting ability.

Ambitions: Protecting vampires.

  1. Thomas

Thomas appeared beside his son – David in the previous section Underworld: Blood Wars. He advocated to protect vampire species by hiding both human and wolfman. In addition, Thomas always closely followed David, because of both fatherhood and the secret he kept. Despite not believing Selene from the beginning, Thomas gradually changed the point of view about her and finally became her trusted ally.


Abilities: Intelligence, high position in the vampire council.
Ambitions: Protecting vampire species, especially David.

  1. Marius

The wolfman Marius is new character and the main villain of the Underworld: Blood Wars. After the death of the captain Lucian in the first section of Underworld, Lycan species were beaten off. However, Marius became the new leader to lead this species against the nemesis vampires. With his leadership, wolfman became stronger and more powerful.


Abilities: Leadership skill, mysterious extraordinary strength

Ambitions: Kill all the vampires.

  1. Lena

The vampire with snow-white hair is completely new character of Underworld: Blood Wars. She is the daughter of Vidar – the captain of vampires in Northern Europe. Lena’s strength is extremely mysterious when she can both appear and disappear in a blink of an eye. In addition, Lena also keeps secrets about the life of David. This is the “key” character, promising to make breakthrough for the film.


Abilities: Still be a mystery

Ambitions: Still be a mystery

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