Suspicion of giant monsters in Kong: Skull Island was in a Grade B horror film ago

The idea of the giant beast mysterious infected serum had from a grade B horror series formerly now reused in Kong: Skull Island.

The audience have been very surprised when Kong: Skull Island released the pictures of the other giant monsters expected to appear in the film. These images showed that in the film, King Kong will not only the monster brings the size amazingly that we will also see the other creatures like buffalo, lizards …


The plot of Kong: Skull Island was revealed to be around a group of explorers in 70s of the last century are on the road looking for the mysterious serum. Follow giant King Kong, the group has lost in a strange land where creatures here after infected serum have become huge over normal.

This is also the reason that in the film, creatures such as water buffalo, lizards or even insects, all of which become enormous and dangerous to humans.


Certainly all the fans have expressed interest because as this is, in the film, King Kong will have encounters with a wide variety of other giant creatures. However, few know is that the story of a special serum that can help the creatures become greater once appeared in a Grade B horror film before – Anaconda.


Anaconda is a Grade B horror series also used the idea as of Kong: Skull Island

In this movie, the python after eating flower brings special serum has the ability to eternity and in the biological properties if the snake is still alive, it will continue to grow unlimited size. Thus, the serum indirectly has created a giant python with incredible power.

Thus, we can see that circumstances organisms have infected serum and development to the maximum size as of Kong: Skull Island had has a long time in the movie Anaconda then. But certainly not bad that the movie will be listed into horror movie class B as Anaconda so you do not worry.

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