“Spider-Man” Tom Holland Plays The Tree Monster In “A Monster Call”

The 9x actor Tom Holland moved imitiating the motion of a tree monster in A Monster Call.

According to Cinema Blend, in the A Monster Call movie studio, Tom Holland stood in front of green background and moved like a tree trunk in some scenes. During  the post-production, more than 30 artists and artifice experts had to cover the monster with more heads, shoulders, arms and legs. They also created the cavity, tendon, blood, branches, roots and leaves to make all parts of the monster look like a tree. This post production lasted nearly a year because the digital modification was rather complex. Finally, Liam Neeson became the voice actor for the monster instead of Tom Holland. He created ghostly voice for this frightening character.


A Monster Call marked the return of the 9x Spider-Man in the role of special character. This is the second and the last cast of Tom Holland in 2016, after playing Spider-Man in the blockbuster film Captain America: Civil War.

A Monster Call was adapted from the novel with the same name written by Patrick Ness. He was also the scriptwriter of this film. A Monster Call told about Conor O’Malley (Lewis MacDougall), a 13-year-old boy facing the fear of losing his mother (Felicity Jones) – who was tormented by a malignant cancer. To peace his mother’s mind, Conor moved in with his hard-bitten and punctilious grandmother (Sigourney Weaver). He was regularly bullied by his friends. Therefore, Conor found the way to slink off in the fantasy world created by himself.


One day, The Greenman tree monster came and brought Conor to the land of imagination in his stories. From the feeling of fear, anger; Conor gradually became interested in the stories. However, to get what he wants, Conor had to deal with the monster: tell the fourth story after the monster ending its three stories.


This film was directed by J.A Bayona. He was the director of the blockbuster film The Impossible in 2004. The new work had the participation of the actor Lewis MacDougall (Pan 2015) in the lead role. Launched in early October in Toronto and Spain, the film received many positive reviews.

A Monster Call will be released in the US on December 12, 2016.

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