'Sing': Gift of the family in the film season in final 2016

‘Sing’: Gift of the family in the film season in final 2016

Following the success of ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ this year, Illumination Entertainment continues to launch work ‘Sing’ promises to sweep theaters in the film season in the final 2016.

'Sing': Gift of the family in the film season in final 2016

Sing is a movie that fit the atmosphere of the last days of the year with everyone’s emotions. As in this years, every day people are trying for their dream, despite success or failure, the meaning message that “Sing” brought will help each person more confidence in themselves.

With a storyline seemed too familiar, but the interesting storytelling and innovative details in the character, the circumstances leading to the incident has made the story compelling and emotional. Buster Moon, a koala bear with a fervent love for the theater, the difficulties that he has to experience throughout the film to achieve his dream, it has transmitted extremely nice messages to everyone.

'Sing': Gift of the family in the film season in final 2016

In parallel, full of interesting characters like Rosita, Johny, Meena, Mike, Ash, Gunter, … with each character having their own difficulties in the life with their passion, each of them when go with Buster Moon have learned the lessons of their own.

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Music and sound is an important factor making the segment touched the audience’s heart. With appropriate and diversity genre songs is covered by the perfect voice of the cast. The hit songs suddenly became full of strange … when performed by cartoon characters. In addition, the important sounds that make the audiences truly immersed into the theater space of Buster Moon as the echo sounder of voice, footsteps on the glass and the effective sounds was also emphasized that make the story was transmissed filled with emotion and melody.

'Sing': Gift of the family in the film season in final 2016

Character design of “Sing” is suitable for children when used mostly rounded shapes, harmonious without edges. The creation of special details of each animal at the costumes, accessories also deserves praise. The colors are extremely bright, pleasant and harmonious with the film overall.

“Sing” was released in the movie season in the final promises to be an other success this year of Illumination. The film was premiered nationwide starting on 10 December

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