Prison Break’s movie star would return to DC Comics superhero – Legends of Tomorrow

After a long hiatus, actor Wentworth Miller, who used to be very famous in Prison Break series, will be back in the DC Comics superhero series- Legends of Tomorrow.

Legends of Tomorrow is a TV Series (drama episode) of the DC Comics superhero which has just been launched in CW channel early 2016. Though it does not leave a strong impression to viewers, the world revolves around DC Comics superhero is still an advantage that helps the film gain a standing in the audience.

Content of the film is about a group of superheroes from the future gathering together to prevent the domination of a villain and to save the world from disaster caused by future genocide. It has the participation of many famous actors in which we must include Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller from the series Prison Break.


The famous duo has two major roles as Mick Rory (Heat Wave), who uses the heat gun and Leonard Snart (Captain Cold) who uses ice spray.

In Season 1, the group of superheroes from the future have suffered a sizeable loss, it is the sacrifice of Captain Cold in the last episode with Hawkman and Hawkgirl. However, according to recent revelations, it seems like in season 2 of the Legends of Tomorrow, Wentworth Miller will reappear again.

Evidence is the promotional photos for the episode premiered in mid-season which includes the image of Captain Cold – Leonard Snart. And so, this guy sacrifices for the group after the legendary warriors from the future will be back and continue as a counterbalance to his brother.


Israel next picture information disclosure, producers also adds that the villain Damien Darhk in the Arrow and The Flash Eobard Thawne will also teamed together to make it more difficult for the superhero in this film series.

However, despite being brought back in this section, Captain Cold will join villain group this time. Nevertheless, the fans of Legends of Tomorrow, especially the fans of the world veteran DC Comics superhero, feel delighted at the return of this guy.

Prison Break’s movie star would return to DC Comics superhero - Legends of Tomorrow

For those who do not know, Legends of Tomorrow is known as an all-new series starring the superhero film is separated from the popular TV 2 previously Arrow and The Flash. “When only one hero alone is not enough … the world needs to myths”, which is the main slogan of this new series, and also here, the legend will be born.

From the future, world famous time traveler DC Rip Hunter was trying to stop a huge event happened in the past. To do this, he has assembled a team including superheroes and super-criminals began to cooperate with each other to prevent other potential threats. Does that group of heroes full of “tortuous” can prevent threats immortal, unlike anything they’ve faced thus far, or not?

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