Max Steel – cult fiction movie that you should not ignore in November

Max Steel is a cult fiction movie are wowed the audience by the same technique alluring storyline.

The script of the film is by the writer of Marvel – Chirstopher L.Yost (Thor: the Dark World, Thor 3) penning and undertaken by talented directors Stewart Hendler (Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, H +). Adapted from the same name cartoon series, Max Steel is one of the fiction action movie that fans are most looking forward to.

Max Steel set an excellent casts for the film. From Maria Bello (Lights Out, History of Violence) as Molly, the mother of Max, to Mike Doyle (Jersey Boys, Green Lantern) plays Jim, a scientist, father of Max; Actor and an Academy Award nominee Andy Garcia (The Untouchables, Ocean’s Eleven, Godfather: Part III). Besides, Max also starred child actor Ben Winchell (Findding Carter, Disnet’s A.N.T Farm) assumed; Ana Villafañe also starred as Max’s girlfriend (On Your Feet, South Beach)

The film revolves around teenager Max McGrath. After a period of exile, Max and her mother returned to the Copper Canyon, where he was born, and where his beloved father – a brilliant scientist died mysteriously

Integration with in Copper Canyon habitat for Max is not easy, it becomes more complicated when he discovers his body hidden source of the strange super power Max has ever known.

Energy sources start to become unmanageable causing Max extremely stressful. Max was forced to stay away from the family, even the new girlfriend Sofia to freeze himself because he fears that he will hurt the people he loves.

Max’s life changed dramatically after a huge explosion that almost killed him. Max was rescued by Steel – a high biotechnology entity extraterrestrial – which was on the side and watching him long. Both discovered that when combined together, Max Steel can help control the mysterious energy source as well as to exploit, control and use it. Both, however, will not be able to survive if separated. From an ordinary man, Max holding supernatural energy sources can save the world.

Together, Steel help Max to find out the source of strength, and discover the truth behind the mysterious death of his father. Max started deep into the strange story and discover themselves being chased by a masked man with conspiracy to destroy the world. Dare not trust anyone, two entities coming from two different worlds begin the journey to find the truth and the way to defeat the dark powers are threatening world domination.

The film is expected to premiere next 18/11 days.

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