Main actor Assassin’s Creed said thing that everyone know “Assassin’s Creed definitely different from … Star Wars”

In a recent interview, actor Michael Fassbender involved in Assassin’s Creed have said that this is not like Star Wars. This is obvious thing that everyone know and he does not need to say so.

Action titles Assassin’s Creed is being hoped that work with Warcraft will break unlucky for the film adaptation from the game which has the reputation of being difficult to do, but far easier losses.To promote this movie title, actor Michael Fassbender has an interesting interview with Empire page.


In this talk, Michael Fassbender has revealed some comments, his feeling about the film Assassin’s Creed, which has a statement made fans argue that he was saying things that … everyone knows .

“It was not like Star Wars, where we have the light side, the dark side clearly. Both sides Templars and Assassins have these tricks, there is a hypocrite itself. It has no good or bad characters clearly. I think the film will evoke a lot of things to the audience can see the truth. You know, that feeling of wonder about your feeling and pondering whether to support which character that was pretty funny. “


According to some fans, it seems remarks of Michael Fassbender is a bit redundant because Star Wars is different from Assassin’s Creed certainly because just talking about genre they were unrelated to each other.


However, the veteran fans Assassin’s Creed seem very excited because whether Star Wars is a fiction series but the facts in the film still has something simple, more consistent with the teenage audience . And Assassin’s Creed on the other hand, the film will bring a fresh look with more argument mature about the world, there is nothing called good, evil at all, everything in this world is only relatively.

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