How Doctor Strange similar to Sherlock Holmes?

Benedict Cumberbatch previously played Sherlock Holmes so not too hard to understand his role as Doctor Strange had several similarities with the role of this talented detectives.

Reached $ 86 million after three days of release worldwide, Doctor Strange achieved unexpected success during this doctor is quite strange to the audiences. Was great silhouette detective Sherlock Holmes – Benedict Cumberbatch is a miracle for doctor Stephen Strange? Those who love the detective will easily recognize the similarities to the surprise of Holmes and genius Dr. Steven Strange.

Two outstanding intellectual

If Sherlock wise when dealing with thorny case, then Dr. Strange, owned arms miraculous precision surgery. It was overwhelming talent has created a best Doctor Strange arrogant. Incident car accident shattered divine hand surgery makes Strange unacceptable cruel truth. His doctors had to seek healing methods unscientific. This was the turning point that led him doctor entered the Marvel cinematic universe.

Absolute faith in science and logic

After removing all of these cases can not happen, then the remaining hypothesis, though how precarious, must also be true. “- Sherlock questioned to all the data, complete the picture of the case from the smallest clues. Similarly, the doctor full of arrogant before completely convinced by faith from inner strength, all judgments and decisions are based on scientific understanding. Erudite knowledge helps doctors Stephen “enlightened” faster than fellow. The humor most comes from the logical theory of Dr. Strange. 

Sober companion

If Holmes detective has Dr. Watson, Stephen Strange has principles librarian Wong. Two companions are completely opposed to “legal risk” character of Holmes and Strange. The audience will definitely fall in love with Wong with cute expression even though not much performance. Wong’s unique smile is sure to become one of the brightest moments of the film.

Rescue mission of hero

Sherlock solving crimes to protect the safety of the city of London, Dr. Strange from seeking healing hands, has become a hero to save the world get rid of the dark forces of Dormammu.

The apparent similarities with starring Benedict Cumberbatch brings two characters completely different and impressive. Wisdom, humor of doctor with multi-dimensional spatial, Doctor Strange is a movie you can not miss this in November.

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