Going In Style - Aging but have to be cool

Going In Style – Aging but have to be cool

The old friends had the idea of robbing a bank to pay the cares of life when they are old.

Morgan Freeman was one of the most famous black actor of Hollywood, he often appeared in the famous blockbuster like Now You See Me, Million Dollar Baby, The Dark Knight, Invictus, Gone Baby Gone … which most important is the film with the highest score of all time IMDb the Shawshank Redemption. Michael Caine is also a star in movie industry, he twice conquered Oscar and many other reputation film nominations . And finally, Alan Arkin, an other star in the world of cinema with an Oscar in the film Argo. All three will join together to make a unique mission.

Going In Style - Aging but have to be cool

Three famous actor played three different men in the film are having a financial trouble making their basic daily expenses were reduced to fullest extent. When life becomes too hard, all three come together and make crazy schemes: bank robbery. But all three have never use guns or even done any robbery in life . Series of comedy situations began to happen in the course of preparing the implementation plan.

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Going In Style - Aging but have to be cool

Going in Style is based on the novel by Edward Cannon and had been previously filmed in 1979. The film promises to bring many moments of humor, but also are the meaningful details for the elderly, about how they think and act differently to the youth. Film will be screened from April 2017.


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