Find out about Dormammu – strong boss in Doctor Strange

After watching Doctor Strange, maybe many people still can not imagine the terrible power of the boss Dormammu. Let find out more about the power and the mystery of the power bosses bring the most terrible magic in the Marvel world.

The strength of Dormammu from the cult of those who follow him.

Perhaps everyone know that Dormammu use occult magic power, but it is worth mentioning here is that the magic that Dormammu uses is totally different from Doctor Strange. He himself was created from magic so for him, the use of ultra power is as easy as the flesh lift legs and arms normally.

In addition, the source of strength of Dormammu not come from ordinary matter and it comes from the cult, faith of those who believed in him, pray for protection, his salvation. And so, more guys dread, followed Dormammu, he will be stronger and for him, the power is never enough so he constantly expanding its power and Marvel universe is one of his goals.

Dormammu owns Dark Dimension but he did not come from here

Dark Dimension is mentioned in Doctor Strange as a different world, a completely different dimension. And it seems kind of strength from this dimension is so amazing, it was used by The Ancient One to maintain his life for thousands of years.

And though Dormammu owns Dark Dimension, but in fact he came from another dimension named Faltine Dimension. At Faltine, everything being exists only in the form of energy and not have a specific physical shape at all. Dormammu and Umar sisters are keen to get as specific physical shape so they’ve tried every way, eventually killed his father and then were expelled from the Faltine.

Dormammu is the demon lord of the Dark Dimension

Dormammu in the film and in the comic book is described as lord of the Dark Dimension for so very long ago. But before he arrived here, the Dark Dimension has been dominated by Mhuruuks, a race similar to people, very skilled magic and this is the most peaceful period of this dimension.

Until Dormammu appears, he has led the ruler of the Dark Dimension is Olnar into a dimension called Mindless Ones. The result is Olnar gone mad and caused the death of millions of residents in the Dark Dimension. Chaos situation erupted and this is the opportunity for Dormammu destroy Mhuruus race and then stand up to stop the war as a god and holding that whole world.

Dormammu also related quite confusing with Doctor Strange

As noted above, Dormammu and Umar his sister were expelled from their homeland and like Dormammu, Umar sister also has terrible power. The remarkable thing of all is Umar gave birth to a daughter, named Clea, afterward Umar had left Clea to return home.

Unexpectedly is that Clea is … Doctor Strange’s wife. Thus, the war of Doctor Strange could be considered a civil war within the family, as he had to fight his wife’s uncle. Even sometimes must confront his wife’s mother

He owns Mindless Ones army

As noted above, Dormammu had led of the Dark Dimension ruler to another dimension and the fact that at here, Dormammu also controlled a huge army called The Mindless Ones.

They are to appear in the form as the giant titan, almost did not have any sense at all, only separate his master’s orders like a robot. Large numbers with great physical strength that they can sweep and destroy an entire city in the eyes blinking. Mhuruus race was also destroyed and the world Dark Dimension has also been witnessing the horror caused by Mindless Ones.

Dormammu tries to sneak out of his vows with Doctor Strange many times.

As we all known, in the battle with Dormammu, Doctor Strange has cleverly forced Dormammu swear that he’ll never set foot to the dimension which has the Earth again. He has complied with the oath, but still found a way to sneak out

He does not come, but will seek to alienate a certain guy underlings, like the time he fascinated Baron Mordo, use this witches to confront and kill Doctor Strange then proceed joining Dark Dimension with Earth space. Thus, he still retains the oath and still captured the Earth.

Dormammu is one of the most powerful villains of Marvel

Currently, on the movie, we can see Dormammu is the most powerful villain that Marvel has created. If Ultron or Loki just wants to seeks to conquer the Earth, or as Ronan in Guardians of The Galaxy also only dare to invade each planet, a power of Dormammu is at a completely different level.

His strength is enough to threaten the whole universe, enough for him can do anything he wants, once he merge the Dark Dimension to the world of Marvel superheroes is living. And to cause the destruction, he did not need the Infinity Gems as Thanos, just merely his own strength.

Benedict Cumberbatch plays both Doctor Strange and Dormammu.

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch has played the main character, Doctor Strange, the talented witches but beyond that, he would have taken the shape of his face to shape for Dormammu face.

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