Film remake of Egyptian mummies – The Mummy will trigger a series of Universal monster movies

Teaser of the famous film The Mummy is considered as an opening for Universal monster word in which has the appreance of Tom Cruise

In the coming 2017, actor Tom Cruise will return to the theaters with a movie called The Mummy. This is the reboot film version (remake) from the Egyptian mummy which was previously initiated by Universal. Reportedly, The Mummy will be an open for a monster movie world which links among all monster movies ever (and probably from now on) of the Universal.

The Mummy scheduled to release on May 06 and directed Alex Kurtzman 2017 tells the story of the awakening of a princess who had been embalmed from thousands years ago suddenly rising to spread terror to the entire world species.

Recently, to promote the film, Universal has revealed a teaser and poster of The Mummy, to see the scary face of the mummy in the upcoming film. In addition, the veterans in the film as actor Russell Crowe in the role of Dr. Henry Jekyll and Tom Cruise in the role of Nick Morton were also briefly appeared.

In addition, the official poster with the image of the mysterious princess mummy in the film has also left a strong impression to the audience. The official trailer of the film is expected to be released in a few days.


For those who do not know, The Mummy – Mummy Egyptian used to be very famous and loved by many audiences in 1999. This new reboot version will open a universe where contains all the monsters that that Universal has ever brought to the screen such as mummies, vampires…

Please look forward to the launch of The Mummy to see as if it has any connection with the previous movie Dracula Untold.

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