Fan super excited because the movie Alien released images … not unlike the old version

Although the poster image is revealed, shaping of the Alien monster in the next version of fiction thriller cult series is not much different than the old, but the fans still believe that it is very praiseworthy .

Alien is a series of horror fiction genre directed by Ridley Scott once wowed audiences in 1979 when he was first brought to the screen in the form of monsters spawn in human body, and then destroyed their chest to come out and become a huge monster, a perfect weapon. Images of Alien monster always appear in the list of classic monsters of the film industry world thanks to this innovation.

In 2017 came here, the next part of the series called Alien: Covernant will be officially released. Images of Alien monster in the film has also been revealed to the audience through a series of posters by 20th Century Fox recently released.


According to the disclosed image above, you can see that the shape of this Alien monster is not too much different from previous versions of the film and the most strange thing here is that the fans have proved quite excited when the crew … not given the change in the design.


For the new movie remade from the classic series, the novelty factor is always searched by the fans. But it seems to the thriller fiction cult series like Alien is different, Alien monster since it was a child with 8 legs and tail clinging to the host, until become destructive weapon with sharp teeths, long head was the classic image can not be replaced.

 And with what was regarded as the classic, hard to be replace so we had better leave them alone and do not do anything to them. Perhaps the fans excited because the manufacturer as well as respect for traditional Alien designs rather than risk to change the design of the Alien picture.

Expected Alien: Covenant will be launched on 19 May 2017.

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