Discover 30 film takes you travel around the world through the screen (P1)

Set in the 30’s in Indochina when Vietnam was a French colony, but the beauty of this country is still something that no superpower country can usurp. Most notably in “Indochine” was scenes in Ha Long Bay.

Who do not like to travel around the world, sightseeing, try good foods? But not all of us are abundant to be comfortable traveling, so perhaps the most effective alternative solution is to experience the new land across the screen. From New Zealand wildlife to extreme icy Alaska, here are 15 of the 30 films with the best outdoor scenes, really will bring the whole world to you.

1. Roman Holiday

A black and white film brings classic beauty of Rome in the 50s with the famous scenic spots. Everything becomes more romantic through the eyes of lovers.

2. Slumdog Millionaire


Bringing an overcrowded India, hustle and naked, the film certainly has stimulated the curiosity of many diners want to discover new things. Most of the scenes was filmed in 2 cities Agra and Mumbai.

3. Under the Tuscan Sun

Based on the book of the same name by Frances Mayes writer, the film was actually brought to the literary scene, from the quiet village of Florence to the outskirts of the Tuscan and the beautiful Positano coast.

4. The Talented Mr. Ripley


The movie begins in Manhattan in the 50s and then follow the main character to the beautiful city of Italy as Naples, Positano, Venice, Rome and Sicily. Indeed a memorable trip for the view.

5. Into the Wild

Perhaps many people dreamed of as the main actor in the film, discard everything and rushed to conquer the wilderness Alaskan. The movie was filmed in numerous locations throughout the United States.

6. Indochine

Set in the 30’s in Indochina when Vietnam was a French colony, but the beauty of this country is still something that no superpower country can usurp. Most notably in “Indochine” was scenes in Ha Long Bay.

7. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

The first part of the trilogy “Lord of the Rings” is based on the novel by J. R. R. Toliken might have caused the number of tourists to New Zealand hikes because of beautiful scenes of nature are made here.

8. The Motocycle Diaries

The film is a journey diary of two friends on a motorcycle along throughout South America. Filmed in both Argentina, Cuba, Peru, Colombia, Chile and Venezuela.

9. Thelma & Louise

Two protagonists decided to quit their boring life to have an adventure of a lifetime by the Thunderbird 66. The film carries us through countless beautiful places in Utah, California and Colorado.

10. Casino Royale

To win “Casino Royale” in Montenero, in fact 007 traveled around Europe, via the UK, Italy, Czech and the Bahamas to get such beautiful scenes.

11. Catch Me If You Can

The main character in the film is a 19 young boy specialized posing as lawyers, doctors, pilots to cheat money. Because “nature of work” he had to constantly move to new cities, as well so that the viewer can admire the splendor of the New York, California and Quebec.

12. 7 Years in Tibet

In the film, Brad Pitt plays an Austrian explorer looking to Tibet in the context of China is preparing to occupy this place. The film based on a true story, and was filmed in various locations including Tibet, Austria, Argentina, Britain, Chile and Canada.

13. The Beach

“The Beach” is like an infomercial for Thai Lan with scenes full of blue sea, white sand, sunshine gorgeous. Filmed across Thailand including Phuket, Krabi, Bangkok, Phi Phi Leh island

14. The Sound of Music

This is a classic film that was produced in the 60s, but set in the 30s in Austria. Beautiful surroundings with green meadows in the movie was filmed in Salzburg, Austria.

15. Wild

The film is a journey to conquer nature of a woman after broken marriage and the death of her mother. Majestic scenes of nature in Oregon and Vancouver, will keep any mountaineer want to go right after that.

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