'Captain Underpants': Are you ready for a new kind of superhero?

‘Captain Underpants’: Are you ready for a new kind of superhero?

So popular comic Captain Underpants is nearly 20 years old. Comic series for children was first released by Dav Pilkeyin 1997 with characteristic humor attracts many children worldwide.

The series consists of 12 episodes Captain Underpants tells the story of George Beard and Harold Hutchins. Two mischievous boy by hypnotism convinced their headmaster Krupp that he was Captain Underpants, a superhero in costume white shorts and a red cape.

'Captain Underpants': Are you ready for a new kind of superhero?

As far as what the story describes, headmaster Krupp did not know anything about the fate of his heroes. He’d “switch” when it is wet or has someone snap. Reluctant superhero, along with two mischievous boys will fight with Professory Poopypants (the main villain of the film), Wedgie Woman, Sir Stinks-a-Lot and The Lunchroom Zombie Nerds and many other formidable villains .

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The project adapted from the works of this comic has been known for many years but has recently been revealed to be released in the coming 2017.

'Captain Underpants': Are you ready for a new kind of superhero?

Animation studio Dreamworks Animation is the main producer of Captain Underpants, along with the voice cast including Ed Helms, Kevin Hart and Thomas Middleditch. Although the film was made primarily based on 3D animation techniques, but according to the original plan, it still integrate 2D elements as using puppets, comic frame to be faithful to the original comic expression.

The director of the film, David Soren, expressed thoughts and his love for two boy in Captain Underpants, Harold and George:
“The fascinating is the story of our film revolves around two young boy with imagination and great creativity. So, every detail in the story have significant weight and it seems the audiences engrossed watching a story is created by the two 4th grade boy, rather than a certain director. ”

'Captain Underpants': Are you ready for a new kind of superhero?

Captain Underpants may be a superhero is completely different from what the audience knew. Hopefully Dreamworks Animation will get plenty of support from the audiences when the film in theaters.

Captain Underpants expected opening date of 06/02/2017.

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