9 Details Make You Must Watch “Underworld: Blood Wars” Movie Online Now

As the fifth part of the popular film series “Underworld”, “Underworld: Blood Wars” movie continues the story of the vampire Selene in the fight with the werewolf and her fellow-creatures.

After the events of the previous part, Selene has to conceal Eve’s trace, her daughter, because of special mixed blood that she possessed. It’s too depressed with the hunted situation by two of species in order to use her blood to become more powerful, Selene along with two new allies are David and his father, Thomas, decided to end the war between werewolves and Vampires though the cost may be her life.

With the upcoming fifth part Underworld: Blood Wars, the audience certainly can not ignore the following fascinating detail.

  1. The battle between the two most impressive races  on the screen

Vampires and Werewolves, for a long time, has been predestined on the screen. Two of species can expand their power by turning humans into their fellow-creatures through a small bite. So sooner or later we’ll bump into each other.


There are plenty of work on two of species on the screen like that: Twilight, The Wolfman, Van Helsing, Blade, … However, the majority of fans still said that Underworld has described exactly, really and details the battle of werewolves and Vampires. With the immortality and many strengths, weaknesses, the unequal war and no-ending of two species in the Underworld has delighted many generations of fans.

  1. Selene – The strongest Vampire

Appeared and became the main character right from the first Underworld (2003), Selene at that time was just a normal vampire. In the sequel, she was, Alexander Corvinus, the ancestor of two species, gave her blood to be able to walk in the sun and become stronger many times. Therefore, Selene became the hunting target of two species.


However, in Underworld: Blood Wars, with too numerous and powerful enemies, Selene will be given the power of the ancient Norse Vampires race. She becomes stronger than ever. With the performance of Kate Beckinsale, Selene is always a factor which helps Underworld attract fans after many years.

  1. Many Hidden Mysteries

With the immortality and unparalleled wisdom, Vampire quickly became the aristocracy and build shelters as well as own estates. This race has created an empire with hidden secrets. The young Vampire, David, had never known who his mother was. Whether David’s blood is packed a shocking mystery or related to the most advanced Vampires or not? What do Vampires in the cold and distant Nordic region possess special powers? What do the new vampire council hold powers? Or how are Michael and Eve like? All of them can only be answered when Underworld: Blood Wars is released.


  1. The cast of Game of Thrones

Underworld: Blood Wars has up to four actors who appeared in the universe of Game of Thrones series. Including Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister) plays the father of David – Thomas, Tobias Menzies (Edmure Tully) as the new leader of the Werewolves – Marius, James Faulkner (Randyll Tarly) incarnates the elder of the Vampires council and Lara Pulver as Semira – an ambitious female vampire. With talent casts, Underworld: Blood Wars will certainly a movie which gives moviegoers the most emotional in the series.


  1. The action film is not for weak heart people

For a long time, Underworld is a series of horror actions by the bloody images. Two of species are immortal, so it’s difficult for the normal guns to damage them. So the battle of Werewolves and Vampires in Underworld bears instinct of species. Both of film series with a lot of brutal killing scenes has become the brand as well as make the fans excited a lot.

  1. The film series has a high opinion of feminist

Kate Beckinsale’s Selene has entered her name on the list of the most famous heroine besides Ripley of Alien or Lara Croft film series. Her character is a woman’s claim that it is possible for them to save the world and fight powerful not inferior heroes.


  1. Nobody is really Villains

Unlike other films always show clearly the good person and the evil, the war in Underworld is simply a conflict between two races which are feud with each other. Each race has its own reasons. A lot of vampires are those brutal, bloodthirsty guys, but there are also countless Werewolves who fights for justice. Therefore, the true villain in every episode Underworld is always a mystery for viewers to discover.

  1. The extraordinary action scenes

Both Werewolves and Vampires all possess the power beyond normal people. While Werewolves with the physical strength along with the powerful instinct, the Vampires dominate in speeds and skills. So the battle between the two races is shots extremely beautiful.


  1. The cast “beautiful boy, beautiful girl”

Compared with the first incarnation of Selene, Kate Beckinsale has no difference after 13 years. She is still beautiful and attracts every glance once appearing. In addition, the fifth part of Underworld film series also has the presence of Theo James from Divergent series. Additionally, Clementine Nicholson or Daisy Head reinforce “the beauty” for the casts of the film.

The Underworld: Blood Wars will be released on December 2nd, 2016.

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